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The admission process at Oak Hall Episcopal School (”OHES” or the "School”) seeks to strengthen the overall sense of family and community within OHES itself, and between OHES and The Episcopal Church. With this goal in mind, after active OHES students (i.e. students who are already admitted and in attendance during the regular school year) and siblings have been enrolled, the following criteria will determine the order of priority for the admission of applicants to the School.
Siblings of former OHES students and children of alumni of OHES.
Children or grandchildren of a communicant in good standing of the Episcopal Church.
Applicants from the community at large.
Achieving a balance of gender and age within each class in order to best meet the formulation needs of the students is the presiding consideration in the cases where applicants have equal priorities. Additionally, the following may be taken into consideration: familial relationship with school or Episcopal Church faculty and staff; and other factors as determined by the Headmaster in collaboration with the Admissions Committee. For Kindergarten admission, academic and developmental readiness will also be considered. Not withstanding the priorities above, on rare occasions the Headmaster, in his discretion, may make a limited number of special admission decisions based on the best interests of the School. The order in which applications have been received will not be taken into consideration.
The priorities stated above apply only to admission to the School and do not apply to particular classroom or requested teacher placement in the Early Childhood classes where there is more than one class. The Headmaster has sole authority with respect to these placements. Admission decisions are made solely by the Headmaster in consultation with the Admission Committee, and will generally be made mid-April preceding the applicable academic year.
According to The Episcopal Church, a “communicant in good standing“ is a communicant who has been faithful in attending worship, unless good cause prevented, and has been faithful in working, praying and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God. The Headmaster in consultation with the Rector of St. Philip's Episcopal Church, shall the have responsibility to determine whether the “communicant in good standing” requirement has been satisfied.
Oak Hall Episcopal School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or any other protected category in the administration of its education policies, admission policies, Financial Aid program, athletic and other school-administrated programs.