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Oak Hall was established in 1977 as an independent, private school by a group of concerned parents who wanted a strong early educational background for their children. The first board of trustees rented St. Mary’s Catholic Church’s school facility. Oak Hall was housed there for 18 years.
In 1989, the Oak Hall board met with Bishop Robert Moody and requested that Oak Hall become an Episcopal Diocesan school. In 1990, the Oklahoma Episcopal Diocesan Council approved Oak Hall’s request. At this time they also initiated a drive to establish an endowment fund.
In 1991 Bettye Brown’s Montessori school became a part of Oak Hall’s Early Childhood program. At that point, Oak Hall was conducting classes on three separate campuses – Kindergarten through eighth grade was still housed in the St. Mary’s facility; traditional preschool was held in St. Philip’s Episcopal Church; and the Montessori classes continued to be held at their original facilities.
Due to continued growth in enrollment, the board of trustees began discussing the possibilities of consolidating everyone to a new campus to alleviate over-crowding. After four years of hard work, a 23,000 square foot building was constructed on 14 acres at the corner of Mt. Washington Road and the Hwy. 142 Bypass. Five years later, a 9,000 square foot multi-purpose gymnasium and four additional classrooms were added.